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Northeastern Coastal Dialect
... The Northeastern coastal dialect (Estonian kirderannikumurre) is a dialect (or dialect group) of the Estonian language ... The coastal dialects of the Estonian language were spoken on the coastal strip of Estonia from Tallinn to river Narva ... According to some authors, the coastal dialects form one of the three dialect groups of the Estonian language (the other two being North Estonian dialect group and the ...
Upper Carniola - Culture and Traditions - Language
... most of the people of Upper Carniola have spoken the Upper Carniolan dialect (gorenjsko narečje), which is one of the geographically most extended and linguistically most compact Slovene dialects ... It belongs to the Upper Carniolan dialect group, which also includes the Selca dialect, spoken in the mountainous Upper Carniolan villages of Železniki, Selca, Dražgoše ... These two Upper Carniolan dialects are spoken in the vast majority of the region this convergence of linguistic and geographical borers is quite exceptional in Slovenia, and ...
Saraiki Language - Geographic Distribution - Dialects
... Shackle 1976 has proposed a tentative classification of Saraiki dialects into six "varieties", wherein variety is defined as a group of dialects ... Jhang and khanewal districts, are in truth not a kind of Saraiki, but instead a dialect of Punjabi with Saraiki features.) A list of names in use at one or another time during the 20th century for ... The dialect names are spelled in the standard Anglicized spelling ...
Slovene Dialects - List of Dialects
... The following grouping of dialects and subdialects is based on the 1983 map of Slovene dialects by Fran Ramovš, Tine Logar, and Jakob Rigler (sl) (from ... Upper Carniolan dialect group (gorenjska narečna skupina) Upper Carniolan dialect (gorenjsko narečje, gorenjščina) Eastern Upper Carniolan subdialect (vzhodnogore ...

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    The eyes of men converse as much as their tongues, with the advantage that the ocular dialect needs no dictionary, but is understood all the world over.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)