• (adj): Devoutly religious.
    Synonyms: god-fearing, pious
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X-Men - Reflecting Social Issues
... Shadowcat, Sabra and Magneto who are Jewish, Dust who is a devout Muslim, Nightcrawler who is a devout Catholic, and Neal Shaara/Thunderbird who is Hindu ... Karma was portrayed as a devout Catholic from Vietnam, who regularly attended Mass and confession when she was introduced as a founding member of the New Mutants ... This team also included Wolfsbane (a devout Scots Presbyterian), Danielle Moonstar (a Cheyenne Native American) and Cannonball, and was later joined by Magma (a devout Greco-Roman classical ...
Final Fantasy Character Jobs - Magical Classes - Devout
... A Devout (司祭 Shisai) is the natural evolution of a White Mage as they gain higher levels of healing and white magic like "Seal" and "Holy" ... A Devout is limited to using a mace or flail, can only wear robes, but can use any other armor freely ... Devouts have appeared in Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy Legends Hikari to Yami no Senshi ...
Albert Ellis - Ellis and Religion
... overtly and often with characteristically acerbic delivery stated that devout religious beliefs and practices were harmful to mental health ... his New York institute, he offered an idiosyncratic definition of religiosity as any devout, dogmatic and demanding belief ... and religious individuals often manifest religiosity, but added that devout, demanding religiosity is also obvious among many orthodox psychotherapists and ...
Visions Of Jesus And Mary - Acceptance and Impact
... devout contemplation or concentration, the withdrawal of the soul from without and specially the devout observance of the passion of Christ and penitence (Autobiography 11.20) ... young and old, Catholics and Protestants, devout or casual believers ...
Oneida Community - Community Structure - Complex Marriage
... would form, and would often encourage relationships between the non-devout and the devout in the community, in the hopes that the attitudes and behaviors of the ...

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Famous quotes containing the word devout:

    I suddenly realized that the devout Russian people no longer needed priests to pray them into heaven. On earth they were building a kingdom more bright than any heaven had to offer, and for which it was a glory to die.
    John Reed (1887–1920)

    Come pensive Nun, devout and pure,
    Sober, steadfast, and demure,
    All in a robe of darkest grain,
    Flowing with majestic train,
    And sable stole of cypress lawn,
    Over thy decent shoulders drawn.
    Come, but keep thy wonted state,
    With even step and musing gait,
    And looks commercing with the skies,
    Thy rapt soul sitting in thine eyes;
    There held in holy passion still,
    Forget thyself to marble,
    John Milton (1608–1674)

    in that seson on a day
    In Southwerk at the Tabard as I lay
    Redy to wenden on my pilgrymage
    To Caunterbury with ful devout corage,
    At nyght was come into that hostelrye
    Wel nyne and twenty in a compaignye
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)