Development Communication

Development communication has been defined, alternatively, as either a type of marketing and public opinion research used to develop effective communication, or the use of communication to promote social development. As the former, it often includes computerized linguistic analysis of responses to qualitative surveys and may involve psychological "right brain" (emotional) research techniques. In the latter definition, development communication refers to the practice of systematically applying the processes, strategies and principles of communication to bring about positive social change by supporting sustainable change in development operations; it aims to do this through engaging key stakeholders, establishing conducive environments, assessing risks and opportunities, disseminating information, and inducing positive behavioral and social change. As the first form, known also as "communication development research", uses approaches that cannot be elaborated upon without revealing proprietary information, the remainder of this article focusses on the latter definition.

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... is credited with the cybernetic definition of development communication rooted in D ... Lawrence Kincaid's convergence model of communication for being one of the earliest proponents of upstream and downstream DevCom interventions for co-authoring the Transformational Communication Model (1997 ... Based Distance Learning Systems (University of the Philippines Press, 1995) and Introduction to Development Communication, which he co-wrote with Ila Virginia C ...
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... Development communication has been labeled as the Fifth Theory of the Press, conceptualized based on the Third World realities, and with “social transformation and development,” and “the fulfillment of basic ... Jamias (1975) articulated the philosophy of development communication which is anchored on three main ideas, namely purposive, value-laden, and pragmatic ... in Jamias, 1997) for her part provided an expounded definition of development communication, calling it as “the art and science of human communication applied to the speedy transformation of a country and the ...
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... In 1993, as part of the then Institute of Development Communication's Faculty papers series, Flor wrote a paper on environmental communication that, among other ... - be it at the individual, group, or societal level - is called development communication ...
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... The former dean of the UPLB College of Development Communication, noted that “ The history of the UPLB College of Development Communication is in a large part the history of Nora’s career in the ... Cadiz Quebral has, time and again, redefined development communication over the years, rethinking its basic tenets and reorienting her definition to ... While she first gave a definition for the development communication in 1971, her latest revision, presented in 2001, delineates the field as “ the art and science of human ...

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