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Grand Challenges In Global Health
... Bill Melinda Gates Foundation that, if embraced by creative thinkers around the world, might bring about real progress in the health of the developing world ... and technology can contribute to the fight against diseases affecting the developing world ... on a variety of health problems inherent in today’s developing world ...
Skolkovo Moscow School Of Management - Research
... on the broad landscape of infrastructure-related research in the developing world ... are to launch deals with the issue of tertiary education in the developing world ... the performance of tertiary institutions in developing countries and develop the proper metrics for measuring the educational (i.e ...
Motorcycle History - The Present - In The Developing World
... There is a large demand for small, cheap motorcycles in the developing world, and many of the firms meeting that demand now also compete in mature markets, such as China's Hongdou which makes a version ... Motorcycle taxis are the developing world's limousines ... The first ethanol flex fuel motorcycle in the world was launched to the Brazilian market by Honda in March 2009, the CG 150 Titan Mix ...
Sharps Waste - In The Developing World
... Sharps waste is of great concern in developing and transitional regions of the world ... As with the rest of the world injection wastes make up the largest portion of sharps waste ... However, injection use is much more prevalent in this world segment ...
Climate Change Policy - Nontraditional Environmental Challenge - Industrialization of The Developing World
... source USDOE EIA IEO 2011 The developing world sees economic and industrial development as a natural right and the evidence shows that the developing world is industrializing ... The developing world is leveraging the use of carbon dioxide emitting fossil fuels as one of the primary energy sources to fuel their development ... Developing countries logically resist this lobbying to decrease their use of fossil fuels without significant concessions like advanced energy technologies advanced adaptation technologies monies to adapt to ...

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    Sometimes the children who are no problem to their parents should be looked at more closely. This is especially true if those children are extremely obedient and have few friends their own age. A good self-concept allows children to explore the world, risk engaging in conflict and failing. Children who play it safe by never disobeying or risking conflict may be telling you that they feel unqualified to face the world head-on.
    Lawrence Kutner (20th century)

    Every society consists of men in the process of developing from children into parents. To assure continuity of tradition, society must early prepare for parenthood in its children; and it must take care of the unavoidable remnants of infantility in its adults. This is a large order, especially since a society needs many beings who can follow, a few who can lead, and some who can do both, alternately or in different areas of life.
    Erik H. Erikson (1904–1994)