Derived Class

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Base Bean
... a BaseBean is a utility object from which concrete entities are derived (via subclassing) ... Using inheritance causes the derived class to rely on the internals of a base class which may be out of the control of the developer ... some innocuous change in the future could break the derived class (since the relationship is not well defined) ...
C++ Classes - Declaration and Usage - Inheritance
... single inheritance by concatenation of the parent class fields with the child class fields, but this is not required by the standard ... This choice of layout makes referring to a derived class via a pointer to the parent class type a trivial operation ... For example, consider class P { int x } class C public P { int y } An instance of P with a P* p pointing to it might look like this in memory +----+
Curiously Recurring Template Pattern - Polymorphic Copy Construction
... one quite often needs to create copies of objects by the base class pointer ... adding a virtual clone function that is defined in every derived class ... can be used to avoid having to duplicate that function or other similar functions in every derived class ...

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