Demographics of Canada - Cities


Largest cities or towns of Canada
2011 Census
Rank City name Province Pop. Rank City name Province Pop.



1 Toronto Ontario 2,615,060 11 Quebec City Quebec 516,622


2 Montreal Quebec 1,649,519 12 Surrey British Columbia 468,251
3 Calgary Alberta 1,096,833 13 Laval Quebec 401,553
4 Ottawa Ontario 883,391 14 Halifax Nova Scotia 390,096
5 Edmonton Alberta 812,201 15 London Ontario 366,151
6 Mississauga Ontario 713,443 16 Markham Ontario 301,709
7 Winnipeg Manitoba 663,617 17 Vaughan Ontario 288,301
8 Vancouver British Columbia 603,502 18 Gatineau Quebec 265,349
9 Brampton Ontario 523,911 19 Longueuil Quebec 231,409
10 Hamilton Ontario 519,949 20 Saskatoon Saskatchewan 222,189
Largest metropolitan areas in Canada by population (2011 Census)
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Name Province Population Name Province Population
Toronto Ontario 5,583,064 London Ontario 474,786
Montreal Quebec 3,824,221 St. Catharines–Niagara Ontario 392,184
Vancouver British Columbia 2,313,328 Halifax Nova Scotia 390,328
Ottawa–Gatineau Ontario–Quebec 1,236,324 Oshawa Ontario 356,177
Calgary Alberta 1,214,839 Victoria British Columbia 344,615
Edmonton Alberta 1,159,869 Windsor Ontario 319,246
Quebec Quebec 0765,706 Saskatoon Saskatchewan 260,600
Winnipeg Manitoba 0730,018 Regina Saskatchewan 210,556
Hamilton Ontario 0721,053 Sherbrooke Quebec 201,890
Kitchener–Cambridge–Waterloo Ontario 0477,160 St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador 196,966

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