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In the recent issue of the University's official student publication, the Heraldo Filipino, DLSU-D has a population of 15,000 students in the first semester. The College of Business Administration has the most number of students with 1,108 while most of them take up BSBA Major in Business Management.

Majority of the students reside from the CALABARZON area such as Cavite, Batangas, Laguna and the southern part of Metro Manila like Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Parañaque and Pasay.

Animo La Salle

Animo means "Spirit to Fight"; it also means "La Salle Spirit". The Animo La Salle battle cry was derived from the 325 year spirit of “Faith and Zeal” of the Lasallian Brothers. The Lasallian spirit of "Faith" is symbolized by the radiant Signum Fidei Star from Bethlehem (the rays of the star has been replaced with the gloria et honos laurel). The Lasallian spirit of "Zeal" on the other hand, is symbolized by 3 chevrons (like the citroen logo) from the 1000 year old royal coat of arms of the De La Salle family.

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