DCE may refer to:

  • Delhi College of Engineering, University of Delhi, India
  • Dalian Commodity Exchange
  • Data circuit-terminating equipment, also called Data Communications Equipment or Data Carrier Equipment
  • Cisco's DCE product portfolio
  • Data Center Ethernet
  • Dead code elimination, a kind of compiler optimization
  • Deus Caritas Est, Latin for "God is love"
  • Distributed Computing Environment, a specification from The Open Group
  • Drum Corps Europe
  • Digital currency exchanger
  • Digital Consumer Enablement, a misnomer for Digital Rights Management
  • 1,2-Dichloroethane, an organic solvent
  • Dichloroethene, also called dichloroethylene, an organic solvent

Other articles related to "dce":

Microsoft RPC - History
... DCE/RPC was originally commissioned by the Open Software Foundation, an industry consortium to set vendor- and technology-neutral open standards for computing infrastructure ... (now represented by the Open Group), wanted to use the complex DCE or such components as DCE/RPC at the time ... The "D" was added to COM because of extensive use of DCE/RPC ...
Crossover Cable
... cable connects two devices of the same type, for example DTE-DTE or DCE-DCE, usually connected asymmetrically (DTE-DCE), by a modified cable called a crosslink ... PCs, linking two or more hubs, switches or routers (DCE) together, possibly to work as one wider device ...
Rh Blood Group System - Rh System Antigens
... Fisher-Race notation Wiener notation D+ C+ E+ c+ e+ (RhD+) Dce/DCE R0RZ 0.0125 Dce/dCE R0rY 0.0003 DCe/DcE R1R2 11.8648 DCe/dcE R1r’’ 0.9992 DcE/dCe R2r’ 0.2775 DCE/dce ...
Dehalococcoides - Reductive Dehalogenation
... are also responsible for the PCE → TCE → 1,2-Dichloroethene (1,2-DCE) sequence of ethene dehalogenation, but these organisms often fail to continue the degradation sequence from 1,2-DCE to vinyl chloride ... Dehalococcoides effectively converts 1,2-DCE to VC, and its presence in groundwater may be necessary for proper bioremediation of contaminated sites ...