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Danielle arrives in Walford, having left her hometown of Telford and is befriended by local resident Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), who gives her a job on her market clothing stall and offers her the spare room in her family's home. Danielle quickly develops a crush on fellow stall-trader Callum Monks (Elliott Jordan), who leads her on in an attempt to make Stacey jealous but he helps her get a second job, cleaning at The Queen Victoria public house, where she gets caught in the feud between Ronnie (Samantha Janus) and Archie Mitchell (Larry Lamb). Both try to use Danielle to get information from the other, with Archie persuading Danielle to steal Ronnie's post. Ronnie is furious when she realises and sacks Danielle after publicly berating her. Danielle is devastated, and is later seen clutching a locket containing a photograph of Ronnie, revealing herself to be Ronnie's long-lost daughter, Amy.

It transpires that Danielle is the result of a teenage romance between Ronnie and her first boyfriend, Joel Reynolds. Archie disapproved of the pregnancy and put Danielle - named Amy by Ronnie — up for adoption. Danielle was adopted by Lizzie and Andy Jones (Aneirin Hughes). She began trying to locate her birth mother after Lizzie's death in 2007. Following Ronnie's tirade, Danielle tries to leave Albert Square but Stacey and her family persuade her to stay with them.

Ronnie's sister, Roxy (Rita Simons, gives birth to a baby girl that she names Amy, to Danielle's surprise. Ronnie's dislike of her lessens with time, and when Danielle falls out with Stacey and ends up squatting in a flat owned by landlord Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), Ronnie convinces him not to call the police.

Danielle later breaks down and tells Ronnie that she is pregnant by Paul, a barman she had a one night stand with. She intended to tell him about her pregnancy until he reveals he has a girlfriend. Ronnie comforts Danielle and contacts Andy, suggesting that he take Danielle home but she resists in favour of staying close to Ronnie. She is dismayed when Ronnie confides in her that having her own child was the biggest mistake of her life. Danielle makes up with Stacey and decides to terminate her pregnancy. She is delighted when Ronnie accompanies her to the clinic but dismayed when she backs out of attending her second appointment. Following her abortion, Danielle visits her family for a while, but soon comes to miss Ronnie and Stacey and returns to Walford. Danielle becomes increasingly angry with Ronnie for rejecting her. She decides that she will tell Ronnie who she really is and leave Walford for good but Archie stops her when he learns who she is. Unknown to Danielle, Archie has told Ronnie that her daughter died as an infant, so in order to preserve his story, he convinces Danielle that Ronnie suffers from depression and she should keep quiet until he decides the time is right to make her revelation. Although Danielle continues to press Archie to reveal the truth, he repeatedly puts her off to maintain his lie. Eventually, believing that Archie has told Ronnie about her, Danielle tells her the truth but Ronnie refuses to believe her. Distraught, Danielle intends to leave Walford but Ronnie discovers that Archie has been lying and chases her. They are about to reconcile when Danielle is accidentally run over by Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks). Ronnie cradles Danielle and apologises for not believing her, saying that if she had known, she would never have given her up. Danielle dies in Ronnie's arms, leaving her devastated. Danielle is buried and a grief-stricken Ronnie sings to her when alone.

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