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List Of Dance Sport Dances
... The dances that make up the list of DanceSport dances are performed competitively at amateur and professional levels throughout the world ... Ten international style ballroom dances—five Standard and five Latin—are defined by the World Dance Council (WDC), which has world-wide membership of all countries taking part in ballroom ... and former titles, such as the World Dance and DanceSport Council (former title) ...
Traditional Vietnamese Dance
... Traditional Vietnamese dance includes several different forms ... These include dance as performed in Vietnamese theatre and opera, dances performed at festivals, and royal dances of the imperial court ... Dance is thought to have been an integral part of Vietnamese culture since ancient times, as depicted by engravings found on Dong Son drums ...
Traditional Dances Of Himachal Pradesh - Shan and Shabu Dances
... These are 2 most popular dances of the Lahaul valley and are generally danced at the Buddhist Gompas in the memory of the Buddha ... Dances danced to these prayers are termed as Shan dances ... This is a tribal dance which is performed after the completion of the harvesting of crops ...
Traditional Dances Of Himachal Pradesh - Keekali and Bhangra
... For more details on this topic, see Bhangra (dance) ... The Keekali dance form is a dance of young girls ... The Bhangra is a male dance which was originated in the Punjab and is quite popular in Kangra, Hamirpur and Una ...
La Bayadère - Early "After Petipa" Productions - Vaganova's Revival
... and never straying too far from Petipa's original design for the dances, Vaganova nevertheless revised the Ballerina's dances for her star pupil Marina Semenova, who danced Nikiya ... her modifications to the Ballerina's dances would become the standard ...

Famous quotes containing the word dances:

    Tommy is three and when he’s bad
    his mother dances with him.
    She puts on the record,
    “Red Roses for a Blue Lady”
    and throws him across the room.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    Annie: Dances like Pavaliver, that child.
    George Grainger: Dances like who?
    Annie: Pavaliver—the Russian dancer. Don’t be so ignorant.
    Reginald Berkeley (1890–1935)

    I tell you the dances we had were really enough,
    your hands on my breast and all that sort of stuff.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)