Curb Weight

Curb weight (US English) or kerb weight (UK English) is the total weight of a vehicle with standard equipment, all necessary operating consumables (e.g., motor oil and coolant), a full tank of fuel, while not loaded with either passengers or cargo.

This definition may differ from definitions used by governmental regulatory agencies or other organizations. For example, many European Union manufacturers include the weight of a 75 kilogram driver to follow European Directive 95/48/EC. Additionally, organizations may define curb weight with fixed levels of fuel and other variables to equalize the value for the comparison of different vehicles.

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Honda Type R - Models - Integra Type R
... with extra spot welds and thicker metal around the rear shock towers and lower subframe, weight reduction (reduced sound insulation, 10% thinner windscreen, no sunroof, lighter ... The 1997 USDM ITR is the lightest USDM version with a curb weight (full fluids) of 2560 lbs (Car and Driver 1997). 1998 AuDM ITR Weight Gain (compared to VTi-R)test weight listed by Wheels 1994 at 1176 kg, 2593lbs, similar to USDM GS-R but without spoiler and CC, test car included A/C ...
Vehicle Size Class - North America - Canada Regulations
... over 3856 (8500) same as heavy-duty vehicle Curb weight in kg (pounds) 2722 (6000) or under 2722 (6000) or under 2722 (6000) or under over 2722 (6000) under 4536 (10000 ... of the following characteristics, that are calculated when the vehicle is at curb weight and on a level surface with the front wheels parallel to ... on-road vehicle with a headlight, taillight and stoplight that has two or three wheels and a curb weight of 793 kg or less, but does not include a vehicle that has an ...
BMW M3 - E46 M3 - E46 Special Models - M3 CSL
... As its name suggests, an emphasis was put on reducing weight ... The M3 CSL has a curb weight of 1,385 kg (3,050 lb), 110 kg (240 lb) lighter than the regular M3 ... The CSL features many weight saving technologies taken from BMW's Formula One racing applications ...

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    With mine own tears I wash away my balm,
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    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

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