Cultural Analytics

Cultural Analytics is the exploration and research of massive cultural data sets of visual material - both digitized visual artifacts and contemporary visual and interactive media. Taking on the challenge of how to best explore large collections of rich cultural content, Cultural Analytics researchers developed new methods and intuitive visual techniques which rely on high-resolution visualization and digital image processing. These methods are used to address both the existing research questions in humanities, to explore new questions, and to develop new theoretical concepts which fit the mega-scale of digital culture in the early 21st century.

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... Methodologies include Culturomics Information Visualization Visual Analytics Data Visualization Data Mining New Media Art Software studies ...
Lev Manovich - Cultural Analytics
... Cultural Analytics is the use of computational methods for the analysis of massive cultural data sets and flows ... The term "cultural analytics" was coined by Lev Manovich in 2007 ... same year focused on a particular part of analytics paradigm - using digital image processing and visualization for the analysis of large image and video collections ...

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    They’re semiotic phantoms, bits of deep cultural imagery that have split off and taken on a life of their own, like those Jules Verne airships that those old Kansas farmers were always seeing.... Semiotic ghosts. Fragments of the Mass Dream, whirling past in the wind of my passage.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)