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List Of Friday The 13th Characters - T - Tommy Jarvis
... his mistake, Tommy warns Sheriff Garris that Jason has returned to Crystal Lake (renamed "Forest Green"), but the sheriff assumes he has had another psychotic break and ignores him the pile of bodies Jason racks ... Researching occult books, he decides to return Jason to the lake where he originally drowned as a child ... Tommy succeeds in chaining Jason to the bottom of the lake, but almost drowns in the process ...
List Of Friday The 13th Characters - T - Tillamook
... are an extinct group of Native American flatheads once indigenous to Crystal Lake who appear in the Friday the 13th comic books by Wildstorm ... The shaman, in his death throes, manages to crawl to the shore of Crystal Lake while his warriors and the fur traders wipe each other out, and proceeds to bleed ... so that he may destroy anyone who enters the wilderness surrounding Crystal Lake ...
Crystal Lake (Newton)
... Crystal Lake is a 33-acre (130,000 m2) natural lake located in Newton, Massachusetts ... The name Crystal Lake was given to the pond by a nineteenth century commercial ice harvester that sold ice cut from the pond in winter ... The ice company felt that Crystal Lake was a better name for marketing purposes ...
Crystal Lake (Dakota, Minnesota)
... Crystal Lake is a lake in Burnsville, Dakota County, Minnesota The lake is a primary source of recreation for the city of Burnsville and the surrounding area ... Crystal Beach Park, Crystal Lake West Park and Tyacke Park all have coastline along the lake and offer amenities such as boat landings, picnic areas, hard surfaced courts, playground equipment, walking trails ... Nearby Lac Lavon Lake Park has a softball complex, tennis courts, and horseshoe courts ...
Crystal Lake - Other Uses
... Crystal Lake (band), Japanese metalcore band "The Crystal Lake", a single from indie rock band Grandaddy's 2000 album, The Sophtware Slump Camp Crystal Lake ...

Famous quotes containing the words lake and/or crystal:

    What a wilderness walk for a man to take alone! None of your half-mile swamps, none of your mile-wide woods merely, as on the skirts of our towns, without hotels, only a dark mountain or a lake for guide-board and station, over ground much of it impassable in summer!
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    I waited alone, in the company of orchids, roses and violets who—like people waiting beside you, but to whom you are unknown—maintained a silence which their individuality of living things rendered more imposing and in their chilly manner received the heat from an incandescent coal fire, preciously placed behind a crystal glass, in a white marble tub where it dropped, from time to time, its dangerous rubies.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)