Crossing The Line (novel)

Crossing The Line (novel)

Crossing the Line is a novel written by Karen Traviss in November 2004. It is the second book of the Wess'Har Series. Its prequel was called City of Pearl, published in February of the same year. Some of the main characters include Shan Frankland, hardened copper now infected with c'naatat; Aras, the lonely Wess'har, outcast by his horrible disease; Eddie Michallat, journalist who finds himself in a position to affect history; and Lindsay Neville, the Marines Commander trying to deal with the loss of her newborn son David, and bent on revenge against Shan.

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Crossing The Line (novel) - Plot Summary
... Lindsay Neville, meanwhile, is still being torn apart inside from her son's death ... She blames Shan and is determined to get revenge ...

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