Crop Factor - Common Crop Factors

Common Crop Factors

Crop factor figures are useful in calculating 35 mm equivalent focal length and 35 mm equivalent magnification. Some common crop factors are:

Type Height (mm) Crop factor
1/2.5" (Many Superzoom and point-and-shoot cameras) 4.29 5.6
1/2.3" (Compacts and Superzooms like Canon Powershot SX Series) 4.62 5.2
1/1.8" (High-end compacts like Canon Powershot G1 - G7) 5.32 4.5
1/1.7" (High-end compacts like Canon Powershot G9 - G12) 5.70 4.2
2/3" (Fujifilm X10) 6.60 3.6
Nikon 1/CX 8.80 2.7
m4/3 · 4/3" (Four Thirds) 13 1.84–2
Sigma Foveon X3 13.80 1.7
Canon APS-C 14.80 1.6
General APS-C (Nikon DX, Pentax K, Samsung NX, Sony α DT & NEX) 15.60 1.5
Canon APS-H 18.60 1.3

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