Crates can mean:

  • Plural of "crate", pronounced as one syllable
  • A Greek name (Κράτης), pronounced as two syllables:
    • Crates (comic poet), the poet of Old Comedy, and actor
    • Crates of Thebes, the Hellenistic Cynic philosopher
    • Crates (engineer) of Alexander the Great
    • Crates of Mallus, the Greek grammarian and Stoic philosopher
    • Crates of Athens, Polemon's successor as head of the Platonic Academy
    • Crates of Tralles, the rhetorician

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... the Florida Constitution banning the confinement of pregnant pigs in gestation crates ... The measure prohibits the confinement of calves in veal crates and breeding sows in gestation crates ... the confinement of pigs in gestation crates (SB 694, 74th Leg ...
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... Arístides Sócrates Henríquez Nolasco was a writer from the Dominican Republic ... The parents of Sócrates Nolasco (as he is usually called) were Juliana Nolasco and Manuel Henríquez y Carvajal ...
St. Bernard De Clairvaux Church - History 1925-1964
... dismantled, each piece was numbered and packaged in wooden crates lined with hay ... The total shipment comprised 11,000 crates ... During the quarantine, the crates were opened and the hay filling was burned as a measure to prevent the spread of the disease ...
Crates Of Tralles
... Crates of Tralles (Greek Κράτης), an orator or rhetorician in the school of Isocrates ... of Athens ascribes to the Academic philosopher, Crates ... Gilles Ménage is wrong in supposing that Crates is mentioned by Lucian ...

Famous quotes containing the word crates:

    We are America.
    We are the coffin fillers.
    We are the grocers of death.
    We pack them in crates like cauliflowers.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)