Cost Strategies

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Porter Generic Strategies
... Michael Porter has described a category scheme consisting of three general types of strategies that are commonly used by businesses to achieve and maintain ... These three generic strategies are defined along two dimensions strategic scope and strategic strength ... two competencies that he felt were most important product differentiation and product cost (efficiency) ...

Famous quotes containing the words strategies and/or cost:

    By intervening in the Vietnamese struggle the United States was attempting to fit its global strategies into a world of hillocks and hamlets, to reduce its majestic concerns for the containment of communism and the security of the Free World to a dimension where governments rose and fell as a result of arguments between two colonels’ wives.
    Frances Fitzgerald (b. 1940)

    To become a token woman—whether you win the Nobel Prize or merely get tenure at the cost of denying your sisters—is to become something less than a man ... since men are loyal at least to their own world-view, their laws of brotherhood and self-interest.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)