Copernicus Method

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Doomsday Argument - Rebuttals - Caves' Rebuttal
... Richard Gott's "Copernicus method" DA (that he does not specify when the "Copernicus method" can be applied) it is not precisely analogous with the modern DA ... Gott's Copernicus method rule is simply Prob (N < 2n) = 50% ...
Scientific Revolution - New Ideas
... Galileo, the core of what came to be known as the scientific method in modern physical sciences is stated in his book Il Saggiatore to be the concept of a ... Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543), Kepler (1571–1630), Newton (1642–1727) and Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) all traced different ancient and medieval ... The geocentric model was nearly universally accepted until 1543 when Nicolaus Copernicus published his book entitled De revolutionibus orbium coelestium and was ...
J. Richard Gott - Copernicus Method and Doomsday Theory
... Gott first thought of his "Copernicus method" of lifetime estimation in 1969 when stopping at the Berlin Wall and wondering how long it would stand ... In fact, the wall was brought down in 1989, and 1993 was the year in which Gott applied his "Copernicus method" to the lifetime of the human race ... To popularize the Copernicus method, Gott gave The New Yorker magazine a 95% confidence interval for the closing time of forty-four Broadway and Off Broadway ...

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