Context (language Use)

Context (language Use)

Context is a notion used in the language sciences (linguistics, sociolinguistics, systemic functional linguistics, discourse analysis, pragmatics, semiotics, etc.) in two different ways, namely as

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Context (language Use) - Influence
... The influence of contextparameters on language useor discourse is usually studied in terms of languagevariation,style or register see Stylistics) ... The basic assumption here is that languageusers adapt the properties of their language use(such as intonation,lexical choice,syntax,and other aspects ... In this sense,language use or discourse may be called more or less appropriate'in a given context ...

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    The hard truth is that what may be acceptable in elite culture may not be acceptable in mass culture, that tastes which pose only innocent ethical issues as the property of a minority become corrupting when they become more established. Taste is context, and the context has changed.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)