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Occlusal Splint - History
... concept of a mouthguard was initiated in the sport of boxing ... and led to the inclusion of mouthguards in other contact sports ... the use of latex mouthguards in all contact sports ...
Contact Sport - Grades - Full-contact
... A (full) contact sport is any sport in which significant physical impact force on players, either deliberate or incidental, is allowed for within the rules of ... Contact actions include tackling, blocking and a whole range of other moves which can differ substantially in their rules and degree of application ... Examples of contact sports are Australian rules football, lacrosse, rugby union and rugby league, American football, water polo, wrestling, sumo, team handball, and ice ...
Contact Sport - Social
... some sections of western society that full-contact sports are barbaric, prone to sporting violence, thuggery, and tend to cause injuries ... of the soccer mom and a general increase in sports with less contact ... There is a predicted trend away from participation in non-contact sports ...
Contact Sport
... The term contact sports is used in competitive activities and medical terminology to describe sports in which players may directly or indirectly have physical ... Some sports, such as martial arts, are scored on impacting on an opponent, while others, including rugby football, require tackling of players for the game ... These sports are often known as full-contact, as the sport cannot be undertaken without contact ...
Contact Sport - Grades - Non-contact Sports
... Non-contact sports are sports where participants compete alternately, in lanes, or are physically separated such as to make nearly impossible for them to make contact during ... Examples include precision sports such as golf, curling, bodybuilding, tennis, cricket, volleyball, swimming, sprinting, and gymnastics ... However, there is still opportunity for indirect contact, such as being hit with a ball, whether deliberately or not ...

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    I looked so much like a guy you couldn’t tell if I was a boy or a girl. I had no hair, I wore guys’ clothes, I walked like a guy ... [ellipsis in source] I didn’t do anything right except sports. I was a social dropout, but sports was a way I could be acceptable to other kids and to my family.
    Karen Logan (b. 1949)

    My profession brought me in contact with various minds. Earnest, serious discussion on the condition of woman enlivened my business room; failures of banks, no dividends from railroads, defalcations of all kinds, public and private, widows and orphans and unmarried women beggared by the dishonesty, or the mismanagement of men, were fruitful sources of conversation; confidence in man as a protector was evidently losing ground, and women were beginning to see that they must protect themselves.
    Harriot K. Hunt (1805–1875)