Constitutional Revolution

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Hassan Taqizadeh - Biography
... development of Iran, Taqizadeh actively participated in the Constitutional Revolution (Mashruteh Revolution), which resulted in the foundation of the Majles (Parliament - مجلس شورای ملی) ... Although at the time of the Constitutional Revolution he opposed the formation of the Senate (Majles-e Sena, مجلس سنا — defunct since 1979, following adoption of a new ... to that of the United Kingdom during the period of the Constitutional Revolution, and to that of Germany during World War I ...
Clericalism In Iran - Impact On Iranian Politics
... Majlesi Mirza Shirazi Seyyed Jamaluddin Asadabadi (Afghani) Clerics involved in Iranian Constitutional Revolution Seyyed Mohammad Tabataba'i Seyyed Abdollah Behbehani Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani ...
History Of The Iranian Constitutional Revolution
... History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution (Persian تاریخ مشروطهٔ ایران‎) by the Iranian historian Ahmad Kasravi is the most accurate account ... chronicles the event and the ensuing struggle of the revolution that took place between 1905 to 1911 in Persia (Iran) ...

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    The revolution as we call it is not necessarily an uprising in the streets or the old business of seizing power. Though the Left has always imagined it was. The revolution is change. Not merely rearrangement, but a deep emotional type of transformation that must also take place inside us. It’s a better way to live.
    Kate Millett (b. 1934)