Conformation generally means structural arrangement and may refer to:

  • Conformational isomerism, a form of stereoisomerism in chemistry
    • Carbohydrate conformation
    • Cyclohexane conformation
    • Protein conformation
    • Conformation activity relationship between the biological activity and the conformation or conformational changes of a biomolecule

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Conformation (dog) - Breed Standards
... Due to the great variability in dogs, there is no one standard of good conformation ... What is good conformation for a lapdog will not be good conformation for a guard dog good leg structure for a dog that must travel long distances will not be the same as ... Conformation refers solely to the externally visible details of a dog's structure and appearance, along with the dog's expected temperament, which varies for each breed ...
Studbook Selection - Studbook Inspection - Conformation
... See also Horse conformation and Horse anatomy Standards of conformation do not vary as significantly for horses as they do for dogs, as a horse's conformation is ... Conformation scores are usually broken down further to allow breeders to compare specific traits in horses - for instance the "forelimbs" and "hindlimbs" are almost always ...
Conformation (dog)
... Conformation in dogs refers solely to the externally visible details of a dog's structure and appearance, as defined in detail by each dog breed's written breed standard ... the items of description in its individual breed standard is said to have good conformation ... Unlike equine conformation, there are no fixed rules for dog conformation, as dogs are the most variable in appearance of any animals ("Phenotypic variation among dog breeds, whether it be in ...
Allylic Strain - Influencing Factors
... between the two methyl groups, the cyclohexanes will often exhibit a boat or twist-boat conformation ... The boat conformation tends to be the major conformation to the strain ...
Conformation - Animal Breeding
... Equine conformation evaluates the degree of correctness of a horse's bone structure, musculature, and its body proportions Conformation (dog) to a particular dog breed Conformation show, a dog show in which ...