Conduction Electrons

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Loss Tangent - Discrete Circuit Perspective
... is a derived quantity representing the loss due to both the dielectric's conduction electrons and the bound dipole relaxation phenomena mentioned above ... In a dielectric, only one of either the conduction electrons or the dipole relaxation typically dominates loss ... For the case of the conduction electrons being the dominant loss, then ...
Fermi–Dirac Statistics - Quantum and Classical Regimes
... For the case of conduction electrons in a typical metal at T=300K (i.e ... This is due to the small mass of the electron and the high concentration (i.e ... small ) of conduction electrons in the metal ...
RKKY Interaction
... mechanism of nuclear magnetic moments or localized inner d or f shell electron spins in a metal by means of an interaction through the conduction electrons ... nuclear spin of one atom interacts with a conduction electron via the hyperfine interaction, and this conduction electron then interacts with another nuclear spin thus creating a ... instead of nuclear spins coupling to conduction spins via the hyperfine interaction, another scenario is for inner electron spins to couple to conduction spins ...

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