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Digital Systems

CA id. Name Developed by Introduced (year) Security Notes
0x4AEB Abel Quintic Abel DRM Systems 2009 Secure
0X4IEC ABV Alliance Broadcast Vision 2003 Secure
0x4800 Accessgate Telemann
0x4A20 AlphaCrypt AlphaCrypt
? B-CAS Used in Japan only
0x1702, 0x1722, 0x1762 BetaCrypt 1 BetaTechnik/Beta Research (subsidiary of KirchMedia) Partly compromised (older smartcards) Irdeto modification
0x1710 BetaCrypt 2 BetaTechnik/Beta Research (subsidiary of KirchMedia) Partly compromised (older smartcards) Irdeto modification
0x2600 BISS European Broadcasting Union Compromised
0x4900 China Crypt CrytoWorks (China) (Irdeto)
0x22F0 Codicrypt Scopus Network Technologies Secure
0x0B00 Conax CAS 5 Norwegian Telekom
0x0B00 Conax CAS 7 Norwegian Telekom Chip pairing (married card)
0x4AE4 CoreCrypt CoreTrust(Korea) 2000 S/W & H/W Security CA for IPTV, Satellite, Cable TV and Mobile TV
4347 CryptOn CryptOn
0x0D00, 0x0D02, 0x0D03, 0x0D05, 0x0D07, 0x0D20 Cryptoworks Philips CryptoTec Partly compromised (older smartcards)
0x4ABF CTI-CAS Beijing Compunicate Technology Inc.
0x0700 DigiCipher 2 Jerrold/GI/Motorola 4DTV Secure DVB-S2 compatible, used for retail BUD dish service and for commercial operations as source programming for cable operators
0x4A70 DreamCrypt Dream Multimedia Spec
0x4A10 EasyCas Easycas
0464 EuroDec Eurodec
5501 Griffin Nucleus Systems, Ltd.
0x5581 Bulcrypt Bulcrypt 200? Used in Bulgaria and Serbia
0x0606 Irdeto 1 Irdeto 1995 Compromised
0x0602, 0x0604, 0x0606, 0x0608, 0x0622, 0x0626, 0x0664 Irdeto 2 Irdeto 2000 Partly compromised; Zeta and Kappa cards secure (introduced 2006 and 2008 respectively)
0x06XX Irdeto 3 Irdeto 2010 Secure
0x4AA1 KeyFly SIDSA Partly compromised (v. 1.0)
0x0100 Seca Mediaguard 1 SECA
0x0100 Seca Mediaguard 2 (v1+) SECA Partly compromised
0x0100 Seca Mediaguard 3 SECA 2008
0x1800, 0x1801, 0x1810, 0x1830 Nagravision Nagravision 2003 Compromised
0x1801 Nagravision Carmageddon Nagravision Combination of Nagravision with BetaCrypt
0x1702, 0x1722, 0x1762, 0x1801 Nagravision Aladin Nagravision
0x1801 Nagravision 3 - Merlin Nagravision 2007 Secure
0x1801 Nagravision - ELK Nagravision 2008? Secure IPTV
0x4A02 Novel-SuperTV Novel-SuperTV 1998 Secure China and Other Countries
0x4AD4 OmniCrypt Widevine Technologies 2004 Used only for adult television channels
0x0E00 PowerVu Scientific Atlanta Secure Professional system widely used by cable operators for source programming
0x0E00 PowerVu+ Scientific Atlanta Secure Professional system used by cable operators for source programming
0x1000 RAS (Remote Authorisation System) Tandberg Television Professional system, not intended for consumers.
0xA101 RosCrypt-M NIIR 2006
4A60, 4A61, 4A63 SkyCrypt/Neotioncrypt/Neotion SHL AtSky/Neotion 2003
? T-crypt
0x4A80 ThalesCrypt TPS Viaccess modification. Was developed after TPS-Crypt was compromised.
0x0500 TPS-Crypt France Telecom Compromised Viaccess modification used with Viaccess 2.3
0x0500 Viaccess PC2.3, or Viaccess 1 France Telecom Compromised
0x0500 Viaccess PC2.4, or Viaccess 2 France Telecom 2002 Compromised
0x0500 Viaccess PC2.5, or Viaccess 2 France Telecom Secure
0x0500 Viaccess PC2.6, or Viaccess 3 France Telecom 2005 Secure
0x0500 Viaccess PC3.0 France Telecom Secure
VideoCrypt I News Datacom
VideoCrypt II News Datacom
VideoCrypt-S News Datacom
0x0911, 0x0919, 0x0960, 0x0961 NDS Videoguard 1 NDS Compromised
0x0911, 0x0919, 0x0960, 0x0961 NDS Videoguard 2 NDS
0x0911, 0x0919, 0x0960, 0x0961, 0x093b, 0x0963 NDS Videoguard 3 NDS 2008
4AD0, 4AD1 X-Crypt XCrypt Inc. Used only for adult television channels
0x5500, 0x4AE0, 0x4AE1 Z-Crypt/DRE-Crypt Digi Raum Electronics Secure
0x4AE5 PRO-Crypt IK SATPROF 2008 Secure

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Digital Systems

Digital Systems was the first Internet service provider in Bulgaria. The company was established in 1989 with their main business activities being computer systems and networks. It has been offering Internet services since 1991.

Digital Systems LTD is a software development company in Greece since 1987. ERP EXELIXI is their first ERP in Greece.

Nagravision - Digital Systems
... Four versions of Nagravision are in common use for digital satellite television, known as Nagravision, Nagravision Cardmagedon, Nagravision Aladin and Nagravision Merlin ... has been adopted all over the world as a conditional access system, with providers Bell TV (Canada) (Nagravision 3) BIG TV (India) Cabovisão (Portugal) (Being adopted ... Digital+ is the only provider using Nagravision Cardmagedon (and also Nagravision Aladin) after its adoption in March 2005 ...
Analogue Electronics - Analogue Vs. Digital Electronics - Design Difficulty
... Analogue circuits are harder to design, requiring more skill, than comparable digital systems ... This is one of the main reasons why digital systems have become more common than analogue devices ... hand, and the process is much less automated than for digital systems ...
Comparison Of Analog And Digital Recording - Dynamic Range - Overload Conditions
... differences in the behaviour of analog and digital systems when high level signals are present, where there is the possibility that such signals could push the system into overload ... In contrast, digital PCM recorders show non-benign behaviour in overload (Dunn 200365) samples that exceed the peak quantization level are simply truncated, clipping the waveform squarely, which ... a usable dynamic range that can exceed that of some PCM digital recorders ...

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