Computational Process

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Reversible Computing
... Reversible computing is a model of computing where the computational process to some extent is reversible, i.e ... A necessary condition for reversibility of a computational model is that the relation of the mapping states of transition functions to their successors should at all times be one-to-one ... A process is said to be physically reversible if it results in no increase in physical entropy it is isentropic ...
Collective Intelligence - Mathematical Techniques
... It is assumed to be an unconscious, random, parallel, and distributed computational process, run in mathematical logic by the social structure ... Their interaction in abstract computational space creates multi-thread inference process which we perceive as collective intelligence ... Collective intelligence considered as a specific computational process is providing a straightforward explanation of several social phenomena ...

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    That which endures is not one or another association of living forms, but the process of which the cosmos is the product, and of which these are among the transitory expressions.
    Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–95)