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SN 1572 - Supernova Remnant - Discovery of The Companion Star
2004, a letter in Nature reported the discovery of a G2 star, similar in type to our own Sun ... It is thought to be the companion star that contributed mass to the white dwarf that ultimately resulted in the supernova ... March 2005, revealed further details about this star labeled Tycho G, it was probably a main-sequence star or subgiant prior to the explosion, but had some of its mass stripped away ...
Type Ia Supernova - Formation - Double Degenerate Progenitors
... Collisions of solitary stars within the Milky Way occur only once every 107-1013 years far less frequently than the appearance of novae ... blue stragglers) A likely scenario is a collision with a binary star system, or between two binary systems containing white dwarfs ... It has also been strongly suggested for SN 1006, given that no companion star remnant has been found there ...
Antares - Properties - Companion Star
... Antares has a secondary, or companion star, Antares B, that changed from an angular separation (from its primary, Antares A) of 3.3 arcseconds in 1854 to 2.8 ... energy states in the outflow of matter from the companion star suggests that it is about 224 AU beyond the primary, giving a combined separation of about 574 AU ... The stellar classification of this star is B2.5, with numerous spectral lines suggesting it has been polluted by matter ejected by Antares A ...

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    ...indeed, star differs from star in glory.
    Bible: New Testament, 1 Corinthians 15:41.

    We often love to think now of the life of men on beaches,—at least in midsummer, when the weather is serene; their sunny lives on the sand, amid the beach-grass and bayberries, their companion a cow, their wealth a jag of driftwood or a few beach plums, and their music the surf and the peep of the beech-bird.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)