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Problems With Charlieplexing - Refresh Rate
... Because only a single set of LEDs, all having a common anode or cathode, can be lit simultaneously without turning on unintended LEDs, charlieplexing requires frequent output changes ... Typically 7-segment displays are made to have a common cathode, sometimes a common anode, but without loss of generality suppose it is a common cathode ... The way this would be done is for the 8 common cathodes of the 8 displays to each get assigned to its own unique pin among the 8 I/O ports ...
Double Diode Triode
... In practice the two diodes always share a common cathode ... stands for a low-current (detector) diode section, "B" for a double diode with common cathode section, "C" for a triode section, "F" for a pentode section, "H ... There was also a tube with a single diode section, a double diode with common cathode, and a triode, named EABC80 or 6AK8 and its versions for 300 mA and 100 mA ...

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