Commissioner - Compound Titles

Compound Titles

In many cases the term Commissioner is part of a more specific title, including English renditions of such titles in other languages. Examples (in some cases there are further compounds) include:

  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Chief Commissioner
  • Civil Commissioner
  • Commissioner of Business Services
  • Commissioner of Finance
  • Commissioner of Legal Services
  • Commissioner of Public Lands
  • Commissioner of Public Works
  • Commissioner-General
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • District Commissioner
  • Divisional Commissioner
  • Extraordinary Commissioner
  • Federal Commissioner
  • Fire Commissioner
  • Government Commissioner
  • High Commissioner
  • Imperial Commissioner
  • Insurance Commissioner
  • Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty
  • Lord High Commissioner and its further compounds, notably Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and Lord High Commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland
  • Military and Civil Commissioner
  • Police Commissioner
  • Provincial Commissioner
  • Resident Commissioner
  • Royal commissioner
  • Scout Commissioner
  • Special Commissioner
  • State Commissioner and Commissioner of State
  • Trade Commissioner
  • Traveling Commissioner

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Famous quotes containing the words titles and/or compound:

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