Colorado River Basin

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Colorado River - Human History - Indigenous Peoples
... The first humans of the Colorado River basin were likely Paleo-Indians of the Clovis and Folsom cultures, who first arrived on the Colorado Plateau about 12,000 years ago ... notable early group was the Fremont culture, whose peoples inhabited the Colorado Plateau between 2,000 to 700 years ago ... The Fremont were likely the first peoples of the Colorado River basin to domesticate crops and construct masonry dwellings in addition, they have left behind a large amount of rock art and petroglyphs, many ...
Yazoo River
... The Yazoo River is a river in the U.S ... The Yazoo River was named by French explorer La Salle in 1682 as "Rivière des Yazous" in reference to the Yazoo tribe living near the river's mouth ... One long held belief is that it means "river of death" ...
Colorado River - Engineering and Development
... million people dependent on its water for both agricultural and domestic needs, the Colorado River is considered one of the "most controlled, controversial and litigated rivers in the world" ... Often called "America's Nile", the Colorado is so carefully managed – with basin reservoirs capable of holding four times the river's annual flow – that each ... One of the earliest water projects in the Colorado River basin was the Grand Ditch, a 16-mile (26 km) diversion canal that sends water from the Never ...
Wayne N. Aspinall - Colorado River Basin Act of 1968 and The Central Arizona Project
... The purpose of the Colorado River Basin Project, according to supporters, was to build dams to generate revenue and energy for communities in the Lower Basin of the Colorado ... Aspinall originally supported this, claiming it would generate revenue for all Colorado River Basin states ... Aspinall would later say “We viewed the development of the river as the only reasonable, practicable, safe, and logical way for millions of Americans and visitors to enjoy the canyon ...
Volga River - Nomenclature
... (< *raha-ka), and cognate with Sanskrit rasā́h "liquid, juice mythical river" ... The Turkic peoples living along the river formerly referred to it as Itil or Atil "big river" ... associated the Itil's origin with the Kama River ...

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    I am persuaded that the people of the world have no grievances, one against the other. The hopes and desires of a man who tills the soil are about the same whether he lives on the banks of the Colorado or on the banks of the Danube.
    Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908–1973)

    The mountain may be approached more easily and directly on horseback and on foot from the northeast side, by the Aroostook road, and the Wassataquoik River; but in that case you see much less of the wilderness, none of the glorious river and lake scenery, and have no experience of the batteau and the boatman’s life.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)