Color Burst

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Chrominance - Television Standards
... In the PAL system, the color subcarrier is 4.43 MHz above the video carrier, while in the NTSC system it is 3.58 MHz above the video carrier ... The presence of chrominance in a video signal is indicated by a color burst signal transmitted on the back porch, just after horizontal synchronization and before ... If the color burst signal were visible on a television screen, it would appear as a vertical strip of a very dark olive color ...
Vectorscope - Applications - Video
... of referring to the QAM scheme used to encode color into a video signal ... Chrominance is measured using two methods—color saturation, encoded as the amplitude, or gain, of the subcarrier signal, and hue, encoded as the subcarrier's phase ... elements corresponding to the various components of the standard color bars video test signal, including boxes around the circles for the colors in the main bars, and perpendicular lines corresponding to the U and V ...
SCH Phase Display
... sync (at the 50% amplitude point) and the zero crossings of the color burst (by extrapolating the color burst to the leading edge of sync) ... as “the phase of the +U component of the color burst extrapolated to the half-amplitude point of the leading edge of the synchronizing pulse of line ... To avoid color shifts or “picture jumps,” the video signals must have the same horizontal, vertical, and subcarrier timing and the phases must be closely matched ...

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