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Wisteria Lane - Residents
2007) All My Sons (1948) sound stage 12 set - Keller house - colonial street river road 1950 to 1980 The Desperate Hours (1955) Delta House (1979) McCluskey Karen McCluskey (2008) Kinsky Mitzi Kinsky (Since 2014. 1958) The Shaggy Dog (1959) The Munsters (1964) Lucas Tanner (1974–75) Colonial Street - River Road backlot location 1950 to 4350 ... Wisteria Lane Cromwell Home or Pink Palace. 12 set (1946) One Desire (1955) home of Rock Hudson The Munsters (1964–1966) Colonial Street - River Road backlot location 1950 to 1980 Applewhites Betty ...

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    It is ... despair at the mutability of all created things that links the Artist and the Ascetic—a desire to purify and preserve—to set oneself apart—somehow—from the river flowing onward to the grave.
    Michele Murray (1933–1974)

    In colonial America, the father was the primary parent. . . . Over the past two hundred years, each generation of fathers has had less authority than the last. . . . Masculinity ceased to be defined in terms of domestic involvement, skills at fathering and husbanding, but began to be defined in terms of making money. Men had to leave home to work. They stopped doing all the things they used to do.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)

    Fine society is only a self-protection against the vulgarities of the street and tavern.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)