Collared Fruit Bat

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Little Collared Fruit Bat
... The Little Collared Fruit Bat (Myonycteris torquata) is a species of megabat in the Pteropodidae family ... The little collared fruit bat is one of three species of African fruit bat found to be asymptomatically infected with the Ebola virus ...
... Lissonycteris is a genus of bat in the Pteropodidae family ... It contains the following species Angolan Fruit Bat (Lissonycteris angolensis) Harrison's Fruit Bat (Lissonycteris goliath) Petra Fruit Bat (Lissonycteris petraea) Smith's Fruit Bat (Lissonycteris smithi ... aello) Common Tube-nosed Fruit Bat (N ...
Little Golden-mantled Flying Fox - Source
... Nyctimene Broad-striped Tube-nosed Fruit Bat (N ... aello) Common Tube-nosed Fruit Bat (N ... albiventer) Pallas's Tube-nosed Bat (N ...

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