Colin Stakes - Winners of The Colin Stakes

Winners of The Colin Stakes

2011 Banner Bill David Clark Ralph J. Biamonte R Plus Partners 1:11.12
2010 Glory Game Martha K. Gonzalez 1:09.93
2009 Fearless Cowboy Slade Callaghan Sandra Dominguez D. Lanzman & J. Singer 1:10.88
2008 Southern Exchange Jono Jones Gregory De Gannes Bill & Vicki Poston 1:10.74
2007 Bear Holiday Jerry Baird Reade Baker Bear Stables 1:11.05
2006 Barilko Constant Montpellier David Dwyer David Dwyer 0:57.11
2005 Edenwold David Clark Josie Carroll Jim and Alice Sapara 1:11.04
2004 Wholelottabourbon Francine Villeneuve Nicholas Gonzalez M.A.D. Racing/Gonzalez 1:11.19
2003 San Diego Blowout Emile Ramsammy Abraham Katryan Kelynack Racing Stable 1:10.47
2002 Rights Reserved Robert Landry Gail Casselman Casselman/John Mitchell 1:11.51
2001 Rum Splasher Dino Luciani Sean Hall Hammett et al. 1:12.07
2000 Jet Drive Patrick Husbands Wray I. Lawrence R. W. Pletan 1:10.30
1999 Vorticity Slade Callaghan Ross Armata C.E.C. Farms 1:11.89
1998 Excess Thrilling Jim McAleney Grant Pearce C. Scott Abbott 1:12.00
1997 Case Dismissed Robert Landry Daniel J. Vella Andy Stronach 1:11.00
1996 Judith's Wild One Slade Callaghan Conrad Cohen Tenenbaum Racing 1:10.40
1995 Miners Mirage Sandy Hawley Daniel J. Vella Frank Stronach 1:11.40
1994 Chip N Charge Jack M. Lauzon Daniel J. Vella Frank Stronach 1:11.80
1993 O'Martin Robert Landry Michael J. Doyle Kingsbrook Farm 1:11.40
1992 Rule Sixteen Robin Platts David Maclean Richard L. Duchossois 1:11.00
1991 Buckys Solution Larry Attard Tino Attard Elizabeth A. Farr 1:12.40
1990 Maxwell Street Dave Penna Peter Vestal J. Giglio / M. Ryan 1:11.20
1989 Wavering Girl Dave Penna Michael J. Doyle Windhaven 1:11.20
1988 Charlie Barley Don Seymour Grant Pearce King Caledon Farm 1:11.20
1987 Highland Ruckus David Clark Tino Mattine Linmac Farms 1:10.60
1986 Fozzie Bear Larry Attard Tino Attard V.C.L./Spatafora 1:10.40
1985 Color Me Smart Jeffrey Fell James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:10.40
1984 The Royal Freeze David Clark Gordon M. Huntley Victura Farm 1:11.60
1983 New Connection David Clark Trevor Swan J. D. Cameron 1:10.80
1982 Sunny's Halo Dave Penna David C. Cross, Jr. David J. Foster 1:10.40
1981 Deputy Minister Lloyd Duffy Bill Marko Centurion/Kinghaven 1:10.60
1980 Mt. Tabor Road Joey Belowus Sheldon Wolfe J. C. Delongis 1:11.00
1979 Corvette Chris Lloyd Duffy Gerry Belanger E. B. Seedhouse 1:17.00
1978 Vent d'Ouest J. Paul Souter Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Levesque 1:16.60
1977 Poker All Night Larry Attard W. Woods J. M. Martin 1:19.80
1976 Male Strike Avelino Gomez Frank Merrill, Jr. Beverly Bronfman 1:19.60
1975 Ambassador B. Robin Platts Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 1:18.80
1974 Greek Answer W. Green Frank Merrill, Jr. W. P. Gilbride 1:17.00
1973 Trudie Tudor Sandy Hawley John Morahan Doug Banks 1:20.80
1972 La Prevoyante John LeBlanc Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Levesque 1:17.80
1971 O. B. Green Gregg McCarron Odie Clelland J. T. Bottomley 1:20.40
1970 Kennedy Road John LeBlanc James C. Bentley Helen G. Stollery 1:18.20
1969 Spirits Up Robin Platts P. Peters W. A. Gordon 1:20.00
1968 Viceregal Richard Grubb Gordon J. McCann Windfields Farm 1:18.40
1967 Son Costume James Kelly R. E. Fisher L. Poloniato & J. Ippolito 1:18.80
1966 Pine Point Avelino Gomez Jerry C. Meyer Willow Downs Farm 1:12.00
1965 Titled Hero John LeBlanc Patrick MacMurchy Peter K. Marshall 1:12.80
1964 Flyalong Clifford Potts Duke Campbell T. Hays / D. Weldon 1:13.80
1963 Pierlou John Burton Duke Campbell Jean-Louis Levesque 1:13.20
1962 Sea Service Herb Dalton A. Irwin D. G. Ross 1:12.00
1961 Sun Dan Clifford Potts Willie Thurner W. J. Farr 1:12.20
1960 Cairnfield Avelino Gomez Willie Thurner W. J. Farr 1:12.40
1959 Credit Curb R. Wright John Annesley G. B. Elliott 1:05.80
1958 Willowdale Boy Norm Leid Lou Cavalaris, Jr. P. Del Greco 1:13.20
1957 Hathaway Chris Rogers Morris Fishman H. Clifford Hatch 1:05.20
1956 Squire John Alex Wick Gordon M. Huntley Kinrara Stable 1:07.60

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