Cold Urticaria - Situations When Reactions May Occur

Situations When Reactions May Occur

  • Cold weather: Exposure to cold or cool air for more than a few minutes can trigger a reaction. Avoid long walks outdoors during cold weather. Be prepared to bundle up and cover exposed skin as long as the weather remains cool. Experiment to find the right number of layers.
  • Sweat: A reaction may even occur on a warm day when there is sweat on the skin. If there is a breeze it will rapidly cool the skin and create hives. Getting warm quickly by drying the skin and covering up will help to control the hives before they get too bad. Using or carrying a towel while exercising and wiping off sweat before it has a chance to dry is an effective means of preventing hives from occurring.
  • Cold/Cool IV Lines: While in the hospital, inserting IV lines that have been refrigerated or are cool into individuals who are allergic to cold temperature can/may result in pain within the limb the IV is placed and a line of hives may appear within a radius of 6-8 inches from the IV site in the pattern of a line going up the limb. Notify your doctor/nurse of your condition so they will be able to use a machine which warms IV lines before they enter your body
  • Swimming: Swimming can be especially dangerous as the rapid heart rate combined with the onset of hives can lead to hypotension. Taking an allergy medication before entering the water and conserving energy until your body adjusts to the temperature may help to prevent the hypotension. Take an antihistamine if you choose to go swimming; preferably a non-drowsy histamine, and have an individual with you at all times
  • Air Conditioning: Entering a cool building during a summer day can result in an allergic reaction to exposed areas of skin, congestion from breathing the cool air and possibly feeling fatigued. Carrying jackets with you on warm days is a good idea in case you enter an air conditioned building.
  • Cold Foods/Drinks: Eating or drinking cold or cool substances such as ice cream or even iced tea may result in the individuals tongue and surrounding tissues swelling. If eating cold foods or having cold drinks results in swelling of tissues in and around the mouth/throat it is advisable to take an antihistamine before consuming them and/or refraining from eating/drinking them.
  • Cool/Cold Surfaces: Sitting on sidewalks which are cool, leaning on or grabbing a cold pole will result in hives forming on the area which had contact with the cool surfaces. The only treatment for these kinds of situations is trying to avoid cold surfaces, if you can not avoid them using gloves to touch them or using a pad to sit on cool sidewalks is helpful
  • Restriction of Blood Flow: Typing or other activities which tense muscles and reduce blood flow can cool the body parts enough to cause itching and hives.
  • Blood Flow: While putting hands or feet in hot water nails turn purple/white until the body gets used to the temperature.

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