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List Of Dynasty Characters - Recurring Characters
1982–1984) Dark, dashing oil sheik and occasional lover to Alexis Colby ... reporter Gordon circles the Carringtons and Colbys for years ... Marries Jeff Colby, but her lies strain their relationship ...
Colby, Isle Of Man - Colby Glen
... Colby Glen is a small valley just north of the village, with ash, beech, elm, and sycamore trees ... The Colby river runs through it ...
Stoddard B. Colby
... Stoddard Benham Colby (3 February 1816 – 21 September 1867) was a native of Derby, VT ... Colby was appointed Register of the Treasury and assumed office on August 12, 1864 ... Colby died in Haverhill, NH following a five-week illness ...
Cassandra Foster - Character History
... Cassandra has become fast friends with Colby Chandler (the daughter of her mother's former friend from high school Liza Colby) and local musician Dre Woods ... Colby become quite intoxicated at her 18th birthday party ... Dre was driving Colby's car when he and Cassandra decided to bring her home ...
List Of United States Political Families (C) - The Colbys
... Colby (1811-1894), New Hampshire State Representative 1863-1864 ... Colby ... Colby (1848-1920), candidate for U.S ...

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    Politics is a place of humble hopes and strangely modest requirements, where all are good who are not criminal and all are wise who are not ridiculously otherwise.
    —Frank Moore Colby (1865–1925)

    Sin in this country has been always said to be rather calculating than impulsive.
    —Frank Moore Colby (1865–1925)

    We always carry out by committee anything in which any one of us alone would be too reasonable to persist.
    —Frank Moore Colby (1865–1925)