Coffin Princess

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World Embryo - Main Characters
... Neene (ネーネ, Neene?) Neene is a "Coffin Princess" who appears to be a toddler about two years old, but has an uncanny resemblance to Riku's dead aunt Amane ... He's the master of Coffin Princess "Julie." Karasawa Shirou is a mysterious figure depicted as the source of Kanshus ... He uses her power to awaken Coffin Princess "Ende" but was soon killed off by Kazama ...

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    My generation had Doris Day as a role model, then Gloria Steinem—then Princess Diana. We are the most confused generation.
    Erica Jong (b. 1942)

    Ashtrays to cry into,
    the suffering brother of the wood walls,
    the forty-eight keys of the typewriter
    each an eyeball that is never shut,
    the books, each a contestant in a beauty contest,
    the black chair, a dog coffin made of Naugahyde....
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)