Clayoquot Sound

Clayoquot Sound ( /ˈklɑːkwɒt/) is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is bordered by the Esowista Peninsula to the south, and the Hesquiaht Peninsula to the North. It is a body of water with many inlets and islands. Major inlets include Sydney Inlet, Shelter Inlet, Herbert Inlet, Bedwell Inlet, Lemmens Inlet, and Tofino Inlet. Major islands include Flores Island, Vargas Island, and Meares Island. The name is also used for the larger region of land around the waterbody (essentially its watershed).

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Great Bear Rainforest - History
1990s environmentalists launched a large scale campaign to protect the Clayoquot Sound region of Vancouver Island ... government announced a ban on clear-cutting in the Clayoquot rainforests and began a local planning process that incorporated First Nations of the ... The Clayoquot Sound campaign became the model for the Great Bear Rainforest campaign ...
Clayoquot Sound - Trials, Arrests, and Aftermath of Protests - Aftermath of Protests
... The intact forests that stand in Clayoquot Sound today represent the outcome of numerous protests that occurred at the end of the 20th Century ... all 127 unanimous recommendations made by the scientific panel on Clayoquot Sound were accepted by the Forests Minister of British Columbia, Andrew Petter, and the Environment Minister ... a negative impact on the reputation and sales of large-scale logging companies in Clayoquot Sound, influencing the companies to remove themselves and their operations from the area ...
John Kendrick (American Sea Captain) - The Columbia Expedition
... continued sailing north and eventually settled down at Friendly Cove in Nootka Sound ... The Washington had arrived at Nootka Sound a few weeks before Kendrick ... found two British ships anchored in Nootka Sound ...
Clayoquot Sound Central Region Board - Roles and Responsibilities
... of the CRB is to deal with all aspects of resource management and land use planning in the Clayoquot Sound region ... on all proposed development plans relating to Clayoquot Sound ... are to - Monitor the activities of the Clayoquot Sound Planning Process, which implements the Scientific Panel recommendations and other resource and land use planning initiatives agreed to by the Parties (CRB ...
Mac Millan Bloedel - Blockade of 1993
... to abandon its plans to clearcut a significant portion of the temperate rain forest around Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in spite of ... Bloedel was logging in one of the most pristine areas around Clayoquot Sound — a clear violation of the recommendations made by top government-chosen scientists ... The Science Panel for Sustainable Forest Practices in Clayoquot Sound was formed after 850 people were arrested for blockading MacMillan Bloedel's logging in Clayoquot in the summer of 1993 ...

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