Clan Gregor

Clan Gregor (also Griogair, MacGregor, Mac Gregor, McGregor, M'Gregor) is a Highland Scottish clan. It is considered the most senior clan of Siol Alpin, translated as 'Seed of Alpin', referring to King Kenneth I Mac Alpin), descending from the ancient Kings of the Picts and Dál Riata. Outlawed for nearly two hundred years after a long power struggle with the Clan Campbell, the Clan Gregor claims descent from Constantin and wife and cousin Malvina, first son of Doungallas and wife Spontana (daughter of a High King of Ireland) and grandson of Giric, the third son of Alpin II Mac Eochaidh, the father of Kenneth I Mac Alpin, the first King of Scotland, a descent which is proclaimed in the clan motto, 'S Rioghal Mo Dhream, translated as 'Royal is my Race'.

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... to bring the force of the law against this lawless clan ... Ardincaple was also to answer for not "rising ye fray" and pursuing the outlawed clan in the Lennox ... Again the influence of the Duke of Lennox saved Ardincaple and his clan from the same fate as Glenstrae and his ...
Clan Gregor - Clan Profile - Septs
... The following table lists clan names and sept names recognised by the Clan Gregor Society ... Alpin Fletcher Greer Gregg Graig Gregor Gregorson Gregory Gregson Greig Grewer Grier Grierson Grigg(s) Grigor Gruer Hubberd King Lawrence MacAdam Macaldowie MacAlpin Macara Macaree MacChoiter ... Peterson The following names are other clan names that are known to have been used by the MacGregors ...
Clan Mackinnon - Origin of The Name - Origins of The Clan
... Little is known of the early history of the clan ... century historian William Forbes Skene gave the clan a descent linked to the clans of Siol Alpin ... who appears in the MS 1450 was the brother of the Anrias of whom the Clan Gregor claim descent from in about 1130 ...
Clan Gregor Society Pipe Band
... The Clan Gregor Society Pipe Band, founded in 2001, was a Grade One pipe band based in Airth, Scotland ... by members of the Scottish branch of the Clan Gregor, a Scottish clan which has membership throughout the world ... After losing their Drum Corps at the end of the 2008 Season to Fife Constabulary Pipe Band Clan Gregor, being unable to find a replacement corps, decided to disband ...

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