Civic Front For Santiago

The Civic Front for Santiago (Spanish: Frente Cívico por Santiago) is a provincial political electoral front in Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina. It operates as a bloc in Congress.

The Civic Front is effectively a coalition of members of both the Radical Civic Union (UCR) and the Justicialist Party with some socialists. Most of those under the Civic Front banner are supporters of the Front for Victory of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Néstor Kirchner.

At the legislative elections of 23 October 2005 the party won three of the 127 elected deputies (out of 257). The province's governor, Gerardo Zamora (UCR) was elected on the Civic Front ticket at the same election. In 2007 the Front won all four positions for national deputy in the Province and two out of three Senators.

Political parties in Argentina
Major national parties
  • Front for Victory (FPV)
  • Justicialist Party (PJ)
  • Radical Civic Union (UCR)
  • Broad Progressive Front (FAP)
  • Republican Proposal (PRO)
Other parties enjoying
national legislative representation
or Provincial Governorships
  • Alliance Front of Production and Labour (San Juan)
  • Chaco Deserves More (Chaco)
  • Civic and Social Front of Catamarca (Catamarca)
  • Civic Coalition (CC)
  • Civic Front for Santiago (Santiago del Estero)
  • Dialogue for Buenos Aires (BA City)
  • Democratic Party (Mendoza)
  • Democratic Progressive Party (PDP -Santa Fe)
  • Free of the South Movement (Libres del Sur)
  • Front for Everyone (Chaco, Corrientes)
  • Front for the Renewal of Concord (Misiones)
  • Generation for a National Encounter (GEN)
  • Liberal Party of Corrientes
  • Neuquén People's Movement (MPN)
  • New Encounter
  • New Party (Córdoba)
  • New Corrientes Party (PANU)
  • Progressive, Civic and Social Front (Santa Fe)
  • Proyecto Sur (SUR)
  • Salta Renewal Party
  • Solidarity and Equality (SI)
  • Civic Coalition ARI
Other national parties
(mostly subsumed in larger coalitions)
  • Action for the Republic (AR)
  • Authentic Socialist Party (PSA)
  • Broad Front (FG)
  • Christian Democratic Party (DC)
  • Communist Party of Argentina (PCA)
  • Communist Party of Argentina Extraordinary Congress (PCCE)
  • Humanist Party (PH)
  • Integration and Development Movement (MID)
  • Intransigent Party (PI)
  • Movement for Dignity and Independence (MODIN)
  • New Dirigency (ND)
  • Open Politics for Social Integrity (PAIS)
  • Popular Conservative Party (PCP)
  • Recreate for Growth (RECREAR)
  • Union of the Democratic Centre (UCD)
  • Worker's Party (PO)
Other nationally active
provincially-based parties
  • Autonomist Party of Corrientes
  • Catamarca Popular Movement
  • Commitment to Change (CPC -Buenos Aires)
  • Democratic Liberal Party of Córdoba
  • Democratic Party of the City of Buenos Aires
  • Federal North of Jujuy
  • Federal Party (Buenos Aires)
  • Federalist Unity Party (PAUFE -Buenos Aires Province)
  • Front of the New Party
  • Fueguino People's Movement (MPF)
  • Independent Citizens of Tucumán
  • Movement for a New Country (Misiones)
  • New Space (Entre Ríos)
  • Pampa Sur Movement (MPS -Santa Fe)
  • Party of Buenos Aires Unity
  • Party of the Hope of the Province of Buenos Aires
  • Polo Social (Buenos Aires Province)
  • Provincial Union of Entre Ríos
  • Bloquista Radical Civic Union (UCRB -San Juan)
  • Renewal Crusade (San Juan)
  • Republican Force (FR -Tucumán)
  • Salta Proposal
  • Solidarity Party (PSOL -Buenos Aires)
  • Union and Liberty Party (PUL -San Luis)
  • Union for Everyone (UPT -Buenos Aires)
Minor parties
(not going to elections or
less than 2% in a district )
  • Liberal Libertarian Party
  • Constitutional Nationalist Party (UNIR)
  • Independent Movement of the Unemployed and the Retired (MIJD)
  • Movement towards Socialism (MAS)
  • People's Reconstruction Party (PPR)
  • Revolutionary Communist Party of Argentina (PCR)
  • Self-determination and Freedom (AyL)
  • Socialist Left (IS)
  • Socialist Workers' Party (PTS)
  • Workers' Revolutionary Party (PRT)
  • Workers' Socialist Movement (MST)
Other recent, or prominent,
electoral alliances
(as of 2009 )
  • Plural Consensus
  • Union PRO
  • Justicialist Front
  • Federal Santa Fe
  • Federal Civic Front (Mendoza)
  • Federal Consensus (ConFe)
  • Front of the Popular Movement (UP)
  • Alliance Union of Cordoba
  • Alliance New Front (Córdoba)
  • Justicialist Front of Entre Ríos
  • Front for Integration (Chubut)
  • Front of Jujuy
  • Concertation for Development (Río Negro)
  • Change for Growth (Santa Cruz)
  • Salta Federal Front
  • We are all Salta
  • Front It Is Possible
  • Democratic Party PRO (Mendoza)
  • Pueblo Nuevo (La Pampa)
  • Anticapitalist and Socialist Front of the Left and the People
  • Party of Labour and of the People
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