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A new character in the ongoing series Young X-Men, Graymalkin, mentions a "Cypher" twice. The first is when he is alone in the air ducts inside of the Danger Cave. He mentions that he is "not the only one that can help them. There is Cypher." The second time is when he tells Donald Pierce, who was disguised as Cyclops, that "Cypher told everything."

The new "Cypher," an African-American girl named Alisa Tager, reveals herself at the end of Young X-Men #8, however her codename is spelled "Cipher" rather than "Cypher" (as it is spelled in earlier mentions). She had come to warn Ink that his teammates were in trouble and he is needed to come with her to save them. Although Ink is very skeptical about this young girl's motivations or intentions, she is shown wearing the standard uniform of the Young X-Men, and has a jet from the X-Men's headquarters to transport him to his team as well, to show that her information is legitimate, even though she refuses to give any more information, about herself or the team, other than that. However, she also gives into his demand to take him to his tattooist to give him some new abilities, even though she voices that she feels he is wasting his time while his friends are "dead or dying." She is still able to get him to the battle with the Y-Men in time, though, where Ink is able to turn the tide and save his teammates. Revealing herself in order to save the Young X-Men causes several members of the team and X-Men faculty to question who she is and why they had never been aware of her.

Cyclops reveals that Cipher was first discovered during events depicted in New X-Men vol. 2. During a riot in Mutant Town, Jean Grey was able to detect Alisa's presence. Jean and Cyclops chose to keep Alisa's presence a secret per her request, giving her the codename "Cipher," an act made easier by Alisa's mutant ability to become completely undetectable either psychically or physically. In the meantime, Cipher developed a friendship with Blindfold, secretly communicating with her during past events in Astonishing X-Men vol. 3, explaining Ruth's behavior of seemingly talking to herself. Cipher was also present to greet Graymalkin when he awoke during the events of X-Men: Messiah Complex and present for various other events in Young X-Men, always secretly assisting the team. Her newly revealed presence generated feelings of uneasiness and anger over their seeming lack of privacy and Cipher's ability to go about undetected in their lives.

In a conversation with Alisa, Cyclops theorizes that she had chosen to reveal herself out of a subconscious desire to make herself known to those around her. Regardless, Alisa remains uneasy of her "outing" as she fears an individual only referred to as "he" will now know where to find her and will come for her. Cyclops assures her that "he" will have to get through the X-Men to reach her, reassuring Alisa enough for her to decide to drop her stealth mode. She is last seen helping containing the riots in San Francisco alongside Colossus. Following the split between Wolverine and Cyclops in Schism, Cipher decides to return to Westchester with Wolverine and become a student at the newly renamed "Jean Grey School for Higher Learning".

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