CIA Activities in The Soviet Union

CIA Activities In The Soviet Union

With Europe stabilizing along the Iron Curtain, the CIA tried to limit the spread of Soviet influence elsewhere around the world. Much of the basic model came from George Kennan's "containment" model from 1947, a foundation of US policy for decades

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Plame Affair Timeline - Key Background Events - October 2002
... draft of a speech President Bush was to give in Cincinnati to the CIA ... Tenet and other CIA officials directed the text be removed from the speech as the certainty regarding the accuracy of the claim was weak ... Department of Energy, the National Security Agency, and the CIA all obtain copies of the documents ...
U.S. Intelligence Involvement With German And Japanese War Criminals After World War II - Pacific Policy - Japanese Who Worked With US Intelligence
... A variety of relationships existed, first with G-2 and then with the CIA ... itself have the manpower for detailed monitoring, nor would it work with CIA in the theater or in the US ... One of the most important members of the Hattori kikan, known in some CIA documents as “Willoughby’s Stable,” was Hattori’s close friend Tsuji Masanobu ...
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... In 2003, agents for the CIA, including Cynthia Dame Logan and Gregory Asherleighs, were sent to Norway ... the Norwegian newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad, which was the original source of the CIA agents' mission in Oslo, the U.S ...
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... During his time at the CIA, he served as a CIA Station Chief on three separate occasions and led several of CIA’s most important counterterrorism deployments ...
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... a US policy of using established the US goal of driving to drive Soviet forces from Afghanistan "by all means available" ... Americans were present and involved in mysterious activities ... At first, the US supported the effort cautiously, concered that the Soviet Union would act against Pakistan ...

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