Chu or CHU may refer to:

  • Chu (state) (楚) (circa 1030–223 BC), a major state during the Zhou Dynasty of ancient China
  • Huan Chu (桓楚) (403–404), officially Chu (楚) but now called Huan Chu to distinguish it, short-lived Chinese regime of Huan Xuan
  • Chu (Ten Kingdoms) (楚) (907 to 951), often called Ma Chu, a kingdom during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period of China
  • Chu (Chinese surname), alternative spelling of the common Chinese surname Zhu (朱), but it can also refer to any Chinese surname whose pinyin is "Chu", including 楚, 储, and 褚.
  • Chu (Vietnamese surname), a Vietnamese surname
  • A Korean Surname
  • Chu River, in modern Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
  • Chü Province, in Kyrgyzstan
  • Chu, Kazakhstan (more commonly spelled "Shu"), a city in Kazakhstan
  • Nam Sam River, also known as Chu River, in Vietnam
  • Chũ, a town and district capital in Bac Giang Province, Vietnam
  • Chũ River, river of Lang Son Province, Vietnam
  • Hubei and Hunan provinces of China, often referred to as Chu (after the ancient state)
  • Old Church Slavonic (ISO 639 alpha-3, chu)
  • Chu (instrument), an ancient Chinese instrument made of wood like a box that is struck by a stick to mark section beginnings
  • Chu (One Piece), a fictional character in Eiichirō Oda's manga One Piece

CHU may refer to:

  • Chung Hua University, a university in Hsinchu, Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Houston County Airport (Minnesota), in Houston County, Minnesota, United States
  • CHU (radio station), a shortwave radio station in Ottawa, Canada
  • Christelijk-Historische Unie (Christian-Historical Union), an influential Protestant political party in the Netherlands
  • Churchill College, Cambridge, used in University of Cambridge internal publications
  • China Unicom, NYSE stock symbol CHU, Chinese telecommunication company
  • Containerized housing unit, a shipping container converted to living space

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... CHU 13 medium is a culture medium used in microbiology for the growth of certain algal species, first published by S.P ... Chu in 1942 ... CHU 13 includes essential minerals and trace elements that are required by algae for growth, but does not include a carbon source and so is only appropriate for growth of phototrophs ...
California State Special Elections, 2009 - 32nd Congressional District Special Primary Election - Special Election
... In the special runoff election, Democratic Judy Chu won by a significant margin, beating Republican Betty Chu and Libertarian candidate Christopher Agrella ... election, 2009 Party Candidate Votes Percentage Democratic Judy Chu 16,194 61.85% Republican Betty Chu 8,630 32.96% Libertarian Christopher Agrella 1,356 5.18% Independent Eleanor ...
... Chu-Bura is the second EP by Japanese rock band Kelun ... The single "Chu-Bura" served as the eighth opening theme song for the anime Bleach ...
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... The Chu X-PO, also known as the Chu (AFAMF) X-PO, was a Chinese fighter prototype towards the end of the Second World War ...