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Glossary Of Cue Sports Terms - S
... screw Same as draw (chiefly British) ... Principally British Any of a group of pre-determined frames played in a match too long to be completed within a single day's play ... session to spare Principally British In snooker, if a player wins a match without the need for the final session to be played (for example, if a player wins a best-of-25-fr ...
Glossary Of Cue Sports Terms - T
... Chiefly British The half of the table in which the object balls are racked (in games in which racked balls are used) ... Chiefly American Exactly the opposite of the British usage above – the head end of the table ... top cushion Chiefly British The cushion on the top rail ...
Glossary Of Cue Sports Terms - B
... Contrast top spin bag Chiefly British ... Any legally strikeable ball on the table in snooker and generally British terminology ... Compare British potter ...

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    I ... would rather be in dependance on Great Britain, properly limited, than on any nation upon earth, or than on no nation. But I am one of those too who rather than submit to the right of legislating for us assumed by the British parliament, and which late experience has shewn they will so cruelly exercise, would lend my hand to sink the whole island in the ocean.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    All great art is the work of the whole living creature, body and soul, and chiefly of the soul.
    John Ruskin (1819–1900)