Chemical Test - Inorganic Tests

Inorganic Tests

  • Barium chloride tests for sulfates
  • The Beilstein test tests for halides qualitatively
  • Borax bead test tests for certain metals
  • The Carius halogen method measures halides quantitatively
  • Chemical test for cyanide tests for the presence of cyanide, CN-
  • Copper sulfate tests for presence of water
  • Flame tests test for metals
  • The Gilman test tests for the presence of a Grignard reagent
  • The Kjeldahl method quantitatively determines the presence of nitrogen
  • Nessler's reagent tests for the presence of ammonia
  • Ninhydrin tests for ammonia or primary amines
  • Phosphate test for phosphate
  • The sodium fusion test tests for the presence of nitrogen, sulfur, and halides in a sample
  • The Zerewitinoff determination tests for any acidic hydrogen
  • The Oddy test for acid, aldehydes, and sulfides

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