Chechen may refer to:

  • Chechen people, an ethnic group of the Caucasus
  • Chechen language
  • Chechen-Aul, the village at which Peter the Great's forces were stopped in 1732 by Noxçi people, later better known as "Chechens"
  • Related to Chechnya
  • Related to Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

Other articles related to "chechen":

Mark Yevtyukhin - Service and Death in Chechnya
2000 for a tour of duty during the Second Chechen War ... Yetyukhin and his battalion took part in an operation which killed thirty Chechen insurgents and destroyed two of their motor vehicles ... Istykort near Ulus-Kert, with the aim of stopping Chechen insurgents from escaping the Argun Gorge ...
Special Battalions Vostok And Zapad - Organization
... to the commandant's offices (kommendantura) established on the territory of the Chechen Republic in 2002 ... The Chechen personnel were of diverse origins ... Guard of Ichkeria from Gudermes, who had fought against Russian troops in the First Chechen War of 1994-1996 they then switched to the federal side and swore allegiance to Russia ...
Selima Kurumova
... Selima Kurumova (1914–1968) was a Chechen writer ... Born in Grozny to a prominent Chechen family, Selima Kurumova began writing around the beginning of Second World War, but her stories started published in the late 1950s in pages of the literary ... The heroes of "Fog," Zovra and Zabiat, are a Chechen Romeo and Juliette—led to their deaths by the meanness and envy of people around them—a commentary on the defects of Chechen society ...
Said Dimayev
... Said-Emin Umarovich Dimayev (Chechen Саид-Эмин Умарович Димаев) (August 24, 1939 – March 28, 2005) was a Soviet composer ... and folk musician, and his brothers Ali and Valid are professional Chechen musicians ... Said was born in 1939 in the Chechen Autonomous Oblast of the Soviet Union ...