Challenge Pro Mode Arena

Challenge Pro Mode Arena

Challenge ProMode Arena (CPMA, formerly Challenge ProMode, unofficially Promode) is a freeware modification for id Software's first-person shooter computer game Quake III Arena (Q3A). CPMA includes modified gameplays that feature air-control, rebalanced weapons, instant weapon switching and additional jumping techniques. It also supports the unmodified vanilla Quake III (VQ3) physics, multi-view GameTV and demos, enhanced bots artificial intelligence, new maps, highly customisable HUD and many other features.

Challenge ProMode Arena has become the standard competitive mod for Q3A since the Cyberathlete Professional League announced CPMA as its competition mod of choice. The mod has its own division in Cyberathlete Amateur League, is used in Electronic Sports World Cup, and has its own competitions and leagues.

Promode physics have been implemented in other Q3A notable modifications—DeFRaG (DF) and Orange Smoothie Productions (OSP). Quake Live introduced Promode Quake Live (PQL) physics and ruleset which is similar to CPMA.

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Challenge Pro Mode Arena - Game Modes
... Among typical Quake III Arena modes—Free for All (FFA), Team Deathmatch (TDM), Tournament (DM1v1), Capture the Flag (CTF)—CPMA features new game ... After each point is scored players and the arena are reset and a new point is played players switch spawn-points, so the player who had the "weak" spawn for the previous ... arQmode arQmode is a test mode which in 2003 became the official ruleset of Challenge ProMode, also known as PM2 (PMC or Promode Classic being PM1) ...

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