Cha Siu

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Cha Siu Bao - Cantonese Cuisine
... Cha siu refers to the pork filling the word bao simply means "bun" ... types of steamed baozi, the dough of steamed cha siu bao is unique since it makes use of both yeast and baking powder as leavening ... This unique mix of leavening gives the dough of cha siu bao the texture of a slightly dense, but fine soft bread ...
Cha Siu Bao
... Cha siu bao or char siu bao is a Cantonese barbecue-pork-filled bun (baozi) ... The buns are filled with barbecue-flavored cha siu pork ... served as a type of dim sum during yum cha and are sometimes sold in Chinese bakeries ...

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    When we were at school we were taught to sing the songs of the Europeans. How many of us were taught the songs of the Wanyamwezi or of the Wahehe? Many of us have learnt to dance the rumba, or the cha cha, to rock and roll and to twist and even to dance the waltz and foxtrot. But how many of us can dance, or have even heard of the gombe sugu, the mangala, nyang’umumi, kiduo, or lele mama?
    Julius K. Nyerere (b. 1922)