Certified Health Physicist

Certified Health Physicist is an official title granted by the American Board of Health Physics, the certification board for health physicists in the United States. A Certified Health Physicist is designated by the letters CHP or DABHP after his or her name.

A certification by the ABHP is not a license to practice and does not confer any legal qualification to practice health physics. However, the certification is well respected and indicates a high level of achievement by those who obtain it.

Certified Health Physicists are members of the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP). In 2007, the AAHP web site listed over 1200 members.

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certification" class="article_title_2">Certified Health Physicist - General Requirements Required To Receive The Certification
... You must have at least six years of professional experience in health physics ... supervisor and from at least two other individuals, including one from a currently certified Health Physicist ... You must submit a written report that reflects a professional health physics effort ...

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