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List Of Babylon 5 Episodes - Episode List - Season 5: The Wheel of Fire (1998)
... Londo returns to Centauri Prime, with G'Kar as his bodyguard, and discovers intrigue and danger in the Royal Court 10 ... "A Tragedy of Telepaths" Tony Dow J ... Londo and G'Kar discover an old friend in the Centauri Royal Court 11 ... "Phoenix Rising" David J. 1998 (1998-06-03) 516 Lennier risks his life to uncover the proof needed to implicate the Centauri in the attacks on shipping lanes ...
Babylon 5: Legions Of Fire – Out Of The Darkness - Overview - Main Events
... While Durla's grand fleet is being built, the Centauri expand their sphere of influence by attacking numerous smaller worlds at the edges of the Alliance' space ... Although John Sheridan and Delenn realize the danger posed by the Centauri military expansion, they are, for the time being, unable to convince the Alliance to act ... G'Kar operates secretly on Centauri Prime, disguised as a Centauri using a changeling net ...
The Fall Of Centauri Prime - Synopsis
... As the episode begins the combined Narn and Drazi fleets are bombarding Centauri Prime from space ... In the Royal Palace, Prime Minister Londo manages to get G'Kar out of his prison cell just before the ceiling collapses G'Kar is slightly injured but manages to walk with Londo back to a ... needed to find a new homeworld, and they decided to settle on Centauri Prime ...

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