CBL-FM is the CBC Radio 2 station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It broadcasts at 94.1 on the FM dial, and also serves Huntsville (FM 106.9), Orillia (FM 90.7), Peterborough (FM 103.9) and other locations in Ontario.

CBL-FM was launched in 1946, simulcasting CBL-AM on the FM band. It originally broadcast at 99.1, but moved to 94.1 in 1966. (The 99.1 frequency was vacant until 1977, when it was assigned to the CKO radio network. CKO ceased operations in 1989, and the frequency was again vacant until it was assigned to CBLA.)

The CBC's FM network was strictly a simulcast of the AM network until 1960. In that year, distinct programming was launched on the FM network for the first time; this was discontinued in 1962 and resumed again in 1964. The FM network was rebranded CBC Stereo on November 3, 1975, and CBC Radio Two in 1997.

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